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The moments that we remember most are the raw and real ones where we can feel the true love in our bones. I strive to capture those feelings within a single shot so that when you look back you see & feel all those emotions all over again. Love is the most beautiful part of life and my goal is to tell your love story from beginning to end, capturing the raw and natural moments that truly reflect the passion of your unique love story. Now let's dive into my photography services! 


Your engagement photos are a chance to showcase your love story in a personal and intimate way. This is your opportunity to let the world see who you and your partner truly are as a couple. What do you love doing together? Let's go shoot at your special place! This is your time to express your love, and I'm here to help you do that in a beautiful and unique way. Let's capture these precious moments and tell your love story like no one else can.

Packages starting at $800.00 in Portland, Oregon. 

Photography is the pause button on life....

Photography is the pause button on life....

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From engagement photos to the BIG DAY! Choosing a photographer for your wedding can be a tough decision, but let me assure you, you can trust me to capture all the treasured moments and memories from your special day. From the love in your partner's eyes as you say your vows, the happy tears of your family and friends (even the ugly girl tears lol), to you dancing the night away with your soulmate.

Wedding Packages starting at $5,000 for 8 hours in Oregon. 


Eloping and Micro-weddings (weddings with 50 guests or fewer) provide a deeply intimate and meaningful way to affirm your love. Whether you're running away to a distant mountain or exchanging vows on a quiet beach, these celebrations are all about being fully present and embracing the beauty of your love and commitment to each other. And as a travel-ready photographer, I am eager to join you on this adventure, no matter where it takes us.

Elopement and Micro-Wedding Packages starting at $3,200 for 4 hours in Oregon. 



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